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Intelligent Solar LED Garden Spotlight 50 Lumen

Intelligent Solar LED Garden Spotlight 50 Lumen

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    Utilising Intelligent Solar Technology for year round reliability

    No electricity connection required

    Supplied with a ground spike

    Easy to connect

    No wires!

    25 Lumen output

    The Intelligent solar LED spotlight Lupus from Luxform is an innovation in the field of solar lighting. This lamp will burn longer in the winter period compared to traditional solar lamps With its Intelligence Chip, the lamp is able to adapt its light output to the charged energy of that day. In the summer period, the light output will be maximum during 8 burning hours. In the winter period, the light output will dim, so that the lamp gives light for a longer period. Unique to this lamp is that it can be mounted in two different ways. The Lupus can be inserted into the ground with the supplied ground spike or can be screwed to a fence or wall. This model is equipped with 7 SMD LEDs with a light output of no less than 50 lumen. Intelligent Solar: Solar powered lighting from Luxform Lighting is the fastest, safest and easiest way to add beauty and value to your home. Designed to be ecologically friendly, our solar lights require no household current to operate but gather their energy directly from the sun. All lamps of the - Luxform Intelligent LED Solar Series - are equipped with a self-thinking system, which distributes the stored energy evenly over the number of burning hours. The battery is charged by the amount of (sun) light that the solar panel captures during a day. The light automatically switches on at dusk the system of the light detects and calculates the battery capacity and always distributes this energy capacity evenly over 8 hours. This means that when the battery has less charge, the light will light less brightly, as it will adapt to the power reserve in the battery. The big advantage: The lamp guarantees 8 hours of light every night, 365 days a year*

    *Guaranteed, unless the battery will not load sufficiently due to heavy overcast skies for more than 3 days.

    Lumen Output - 50
    Dimensions - 370(h) x 170(w) x 90mm(d) (approx)
    Packaged Weight - 0.4kg


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